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We're known as market disruptors in the transportation and logistics industry, and we continue to expand our offerings so we can best meet our customers' needs. Whatever you need to be shipped — whether it's military materials, less-than-truckload shipments, or another volume shipment that doesn't fit neatly into an existing category — we have a shipping solution for you.



At Freightology,  we arrange all types of various modes of shipping, but we shine when it comes to partials, hotshots, and over-dimensional open deck loads. Don’t discount us though, when it comes to LTL, Expedited, Dry Vans, Reefers, Box Trucks, Cargo Vans, Sprinters, and even rail within the lower 48 states, Canada, Mexico, and Alaska.


Full truckloads are self-explanatory, but what are partials? What are hotshots?


How Partials Differ From LTL Shipments

If you’re not well-versed in shipping terms, the idea of partials may seem extremely similar to LTL shipping. Here’s how they’re different. Contrary to LTL shipments, which are classified by freight class with rates based on each carrier’s LTL rates by class, partial truckload shipments are larger. They have latitude for innovative pricing and classification. LTL shipments are transported either by van (enclosed truck) or by a truck with an open deck. However, there are times when you have a particular freight need, and neither a van or an open deck will work to meet your unique shipping needs. This is when partial truckloads come into play. When you use a partial truckload, you can benefit because:

  • We’ll add your freight to loads with other people’s freight

  • These don’t require a freight classification

  • As the shipper, you’ll get cost savings 

  • You can be sure that your freight stays on the same truck for the entire shipping process: no on/off, no reloading.

When partials won't work, consider our hotshot shipping option

Hotshot Shipping

Even with the possibility of partial truckload shipping, there are times when your freight needs may not fit into one of the “boxes” of services we offer. If you:

  • Need an expedited delivery

  • Want to explore the most affordable option to move your freight quickly

  • Have a one-time shipment 

  • Have a tall piece and don’t need a full stepdeck

  • Need to pick up or deliver in a busy area or where there are narrow roads

We have options for hotshot shipping — a one-off delivery option for customers who have an immediate need for expedited shipping.

Military Logistics - You name it we move it!

And when you think of military logistics, it’s just the beginning of what we offer to ship... we are logistics magicians. We are dedicated and determined to help our customers move anything and everything they need to transport from point A to point B. Sometimes this is a simple task; other times, it’s complicated. Yes, regardless of how challenging a shipping puzzle may be, we always find a way to make it work!


Freightology is a proud agency of PEI

Meet the team

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3800 St Elmo Ave #204
Chattanooga, Tennesse 37409


(423) 206-9152

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Experiencing frustration with a complicated shipping challenge? Searching for alternative shipping options, so you don’t pay for a full truck, or striving for cost savings…


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Got an emergency shipment? Contact us now to set things in motion. For other shipments or special projects, we’ll meet by phone or in person to discuss your situation.

2. Get a custom plan

We’re going to ask you lots of questions to make sure that your freight gets where it needs to go, when you want it to load and drop, which mode, and any other particulars that will ensure a no-fail, cradle-to-grave happy shipping experience and at a fair rate.

3. Repeat

We do it all over again with your next shipment. Once you’re a customer of ours, you’ll quickly learn how much your business means to us and we don’t take that lightly. We’re a smaller brokerage by design. We don’t want all of the freight and no customer is too small. Just because we’re on the smaller side, doesn’t mean we don’t have the knowledge to handle your shipments. We’re powered by Premier Expediters, Inc which has been in business since 1992, women-owned, and also own assets.

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